Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Biggest Furniture / Furnishing etc .Home Town at Kanjurmarg Signal

Last weekend went to the biggest  Furniture / Furnishing mall at Kanjurmarg Signal called
HOME TOWN 247 Park  
of the Future group.

having seen the advertisement in the local newspaper decided to visit as i needed a good comfortable chair for the computer table.

I searched the internet & their website but was disappointed , the location map &  nor the Home Town website was not there.

The only landmark was near IIT Powai given in the advertisement , also a friend who had visited the place had mentioned that it has a huge logo/ signage & that you cannot miss it on the main LBS road.

On reaching the signal , asked a rickshaw driver and he correctly guided us to the lcoation.

It is closer to the  main signal of Kanjurmarg junction. If you drive through the LBS marg from Ghatkopar station its is 8 minutes from R City Mall but on the right side of the road. You will not miss as the more famous signage is 247 Park & Home Town

It is huge & you get to see lot of options & designs, right from nut bolts to bathroom, kitchen, living room garden material , furniture ,you name it is there . It is based on the US HOME DEPOT format, and has the similar name.

So if you are doing up a new house or your current place, this is a must visit mall. The reason is plain simple, in a single store you can get everything.

Only Negative -Inhouse Home Town cafe exorbitantly Priced

The only negative is the Food court as there is none . They have their in house Home Town cafe which has sandwiches & muffins ALL are exorbitantly Priced & the sitting is very cramped with very few seats. The best solution is to go out or from within go to the FoodBazaar & have the snacks there which is MUCH better and reasonably priced.

Do visit if you want to see all the new stuff & the layout designs.

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